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 Don’t waste your time. Find your customers first.


 The Testing Ground is a special 20-day programme to help startup founders make sure their idea is worth abandoning everything else for. It is hands-on, fast-paced, and fully focused on reaching customers to validate your idea.


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Most products fail. Not because we fail to build what we set out to build, but because we waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product.

– Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean


You’ll Test Customers the Lean Startup Way

With the help of our mentors, you’ll use the most effective techniques in carrying out the principles of Lean Startup on your startup. We save you the effort in understanding Lean Startup so you can use your brain to implement Lean Startup effectively instead.

You’ll be provided the tools

We’ll give you the tools to test and measure your customers’ responses. These are tools we use ourselves for our own startups. You won’t have to find and buy them. It’s all included in the price of the programme.

Awesome Testing Location

The Testing Ground is located in a shophouse along Orchard Road. Not only is it convenient to get to but it also means you are closer to the most important people you need to find – your customers. 

You’ll Overcome Your Fears

Getting out of the building, you will face what many entrepreneurs actually dread – the unvarnished truth about their startup based on face-to-face interviews with the customers. We will give you the kick to get started.

The End Outcome

The Testing Ground isn’t about testing your product idea, it is about testing whether you have a business model that works. You won’t end up with a great looking product or a business plan. Instead, you’ll gain two most important insights – does anyone want your product and should you abandon everything else to focus on your startup?

The good news is that you won’t be facing this alone.

Experienced startup mentors and practitioners will come alongside you to assist you. We’ll teach you the best techniques in Lean Startup so you don’t waste time trying to learn it yourself.

You’ll learn faster and change faster than if you were to start your startup alone. Your chances of success is much higher if you pass The Testing Ground.


But remember, this is still your test. We can help but we won’t do your testing for you.But that’s why the success is yours.

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