The Trainer – Bryan Long

The programme will be taught by Bryan Long – a former Singapore Government scholar turned entrepreneur.

Bryan is the founder of The Testing Ground and President of the Association of Lean Startups which organises the Singapore Lean Startup Circle. After his scholarship with the Singapore Government ended, he went into working on his business ideas. His first startup was a spectacular failure that cost him

a huge sum. He did everything that his Engineering, MBA and Law education taught him but it turned out they weren’t suitable for start-ups.

After that experience, he was determined to find a less risky method of starting new businesses. He chanced upon the Lean Startup methodology and was converted to it. He implemented it to test out a startup idea at only a fraction of the cost of his first website and which turned out to have no customer traction in Singapore. Because of doing things Lean Startup way, Bryan averted the waste in time, effort and money if he had done things like his first startup.

He is now a fervent evangelist of Lean Startup. He has mentored at the Singapore Lean Startup Machine, Singapore Startup Leadership Programme, and the Scape. He has ran workshops on Lean Startup for Startup@Singapore and other companies. He has been invited to speak about Lean Startup in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. He is also working on two other startups.

Our Experienced Mentoring Team

  • David Ding
  • Ian Tay
  • Dave Lim – Coca Cola and Tedx
  • Jon Sugihara – Perx
  • Martin Andrews
  • Angela Ognev – Strikingly
  • Anson Zeall
  • Rodrigo Martinez
  • Scott Bales
  • Stephen Price
  • Bernise Ang
  • Shaun Koh
  • David Liem

Bryan has helped me to better understand my customers and getting to the niche problem they are facing

—Md. Ridzuwan Roslan, Entrepreneur

Bryan has given us the perspective we needed – to focus on the customer. After the workshop, we now know what is lacking in our current business model by validating our assumptions.Think no more! This programme will give you the perspective you need!

—Hana, Co-Founder of

Bryan has helped me to identify and fine-tune the problems in my business model. After the programme, you will be more confident of your own business

—Hafiz Razak, Founder of

After going through what I went through, I realised that ideas are easy but acting on wrong ideas can be quite costly. This is why I’m zealous to pass on what I’ve learnt to budding entrepreneurs so they won’t have to go through what I went through. I really want them to be a success without having to make the same mistakes I did.

– Bryan Long, Trainer, The Testing Ground