The Testing Ground isn’t just for startups.  What we do is valuable for others too.


Lean Startup is taking the enterprise world by storm. Companies like GE and Coca-Cola are adopting Lean Startup worldwide.


The team at The Testing Ground can help you implement Lean Startup in your corporation or train your teams to use Lean Startup.


Your product development team can also use The Testing Ground facility to do customer development before even starting work on creating the product. They can regard it as a lab outside of your company premises.

We help universities pre-qualify the applicants to their incubator programmes.This reduces the waste of university resources on startups which are not ready


We run enterpreneurship workshops for your students either as a for-credit, semester long programme or as a co-curricular activity held on weekends.


For secondary and primary schools, we’ll be glad to run a short introductory workshop for your students on Lean Startup and, as a bonus, teach them how to apply the concepts to their own personal lives practically.

Universities and Schools

Coworking Spaces and Accelerators

Coworking spaces aim to be a collaborative working environment for startups. This is difficult if startups come and go at your space because their startup was premature. Refer those startups which you feel are not ready to us and we’ll help them to discover their customers. Those who pass The Testing Ground will have a higher chance of staying at your coworking space longer.


Accelerators have to reject startup applicants all the time due to limited space and resources. Instead of turning these applicants away, send them to be tested at The Testing Ground to validate their ideas early with customers. After that, they can return to apply with your programme as tested founders. This gives you more confidence in their capabilities and in the startup.

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