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This 20-day programme will help you make sure your idea is worth abandoning everything else for. It is hands-on, fast-paced, and fully focused on reaching customers to validate your idea.

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You’re feeling that excitement and passion of making lots of money because of the startup idea you just thought of. But in truth, customers don’t care that you’ve got a new idea – they only care if your idea is actually a solution to a problem they face. And it’s got to be an outstanding solution!


With our programme, you will find out if you’ve found a problem worth solving even before you commit yourself to working on a solution. You will test your idea with customers and even get them to pay you before you build the actual product!

The process we are using is known as the Lean Startup Methodology as conceptualised by Eric Ries and it has been put into action for hundreds of successful start-ups in America and other countries. And now we are going to fast track you through it towards your own startup in Singapore.

Watch this video to understand more about the Lean Startup Methodology

How is The Testing Ground Programme Organised?


The programme is carried out over 9 components in twenty days together with all the other participants. You’ll get to learn from Bryan Long, President of the Association of Lean Startups, a Lean Startup Machine mentor and Singapore Lean Startup Circle organiser. You will also get to interact with other like-minded individuals like yourself.


Each component is made up of three sessions:


1) A teaching session where you will learn about how to use the Lean Startup methodology and materials and,

2) A planning session where our mentors and all the participants will interact on how to set up experiments to test your startup idea

3) An action session where you will focus on running the experiments you have set up.


Throughout the 20 days, mentors will be on hand to guide you through what you need to do. We’ve been there before and we don’t want you to waste time working on things that don’t work – instead you will receive practical advice and tips on how to make your customer learnings faster.

Here are some things you’ll learn and do:

  • How to avoid the typical pitfalls facing most startups

  • How to identify your startup risks by laying out your riskiest assumptions

  • How to explore if the problem you are trying to solve is a big problem for the customers

  • How to interview customers without the pain

  • How to create what is the minimum for your startup idea to see if customers really want it

  • How to learn from customers and then correct your startup idea so that if fits what the customers really want

  • How to track and measure what is the most important to your startup

  • How to quickly model your business model on one page without doing a business plan

What Else Do You Get?

In addition to the training, here’s what else you will get:

  • Access to The Training Ground facility at 38 Orchard Road from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm
  • Usage of tools to create landing pages and teaser videos so you don’t have to pay for them
  • Possible opportunity to pitch to seed stage investors (we are working on this now)

When and Where ?


We run intakes every week. We have a minimum number of 2 persons per intake. If you register this week, you’ll start next week so long as there is 2 persons at least in that intake. If not, you’ll have to wait till another person registers.
We do this so that you can start testing as soon as possible. This also means that there will be startups using The Testing Ground facility at any time. It’s better for everyone
The Testing Ground facility is located at 38 Orchard Road, right next to Plaza Singapura and Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

What’s the Cost?


This programme is for 20 days which includes access to a physical space for your use, access to software which you don’t have to pay and interaction with mentors whom you don’t have to find.


If you combine all these individual costs, it can add up to at least a SGD1500 value.

However, because we have generous partners, all you need to pay is about the same as renting a dedicated desk at a co-working space. People pay more to send their children to pre-school than what you are paying for a good beginning for your startup.


ALERT! For our very earlier batches of participants, we have an early adopter price – Save 30% instantly


20-day programme Early Adopter Pricing for Corporates – $1000 $700 per participant


20-day programme Early Adopter Pricing for Startups – $600 $420 for first participant, $600 $350 for each subsequent participant up to the fourth.


This price will end any time and revert to their original amounts.

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