The Startup Testing Preview
12 July, 2014

 The Startup Testing Preview is a 1-day workshop to help aspiring entrepreneurs taste what it’s like to test their ideas. The workshop is based on our 20-day flagship programme ‘The Testing Ground’

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You’ll Test Customers the Lean Startup Way

– What are the top principles of Lean Startup that you can apply immediately to your startup
– How to correctly identify a customer-problem pair for testing
– How to find the weakest link in your startup idea that will cause it to fail
– How to hack your tests for your startup using the concept of the Minimum Viable Product
– How to figure out your customer acquisition strategy
– How to prevent your biases from clouding your judgement
– How to ask questions so that customers don’t lie to you
– How to interpret your test results for the most learning possible
– What to do if customers reject your startup idea

The schedule would be

9am – introduction and forming of teams

930am – Workshop: What is Lean Startup and How to Test Your Startup Idea:

11am – 1pm Get out of the Building!

1-130pm: Workshop: How to build a MVP and How to Pivot

130pm to 230pm: Mentorship Intensive – get the mentor’s help with your experiments

230-430pm: Get out of the building!

430pm – Presentation and Wrap Up

530pm – End of Preview Session

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